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What is the Best Laptop for College Students

College life is one full of assignments and reports and readings and one can get really stressed doing all these things. Most college students need extra help is keeping notes in the classroom, researching, printing paperwork that is due the next day and making a report or defending a paper through a Power Point presentation. This is the reason why they beg their parents or work a sideline so that can buy a new laptop. You can get satisfaction in the performance of a cheap laptop that comes in different parts of the globe.

Although most manufacturers are developing new advances they are also taking the tight budget of people into consideration. Before buying a laptop there has to be a good scrutiny of these laptops. Below are some of the things to consider before buying a laptop.

The screen size is important. There are many different screen sizes starting from 10 inches for the mini laptop or notebook to 22 inches for big laptops, and the recommended one is around 15 inches. You should select a large size so that you can focus and do your assignments. Aside from being comfortable in using the laptop, you should also consider its mobility, thus you should purchase a laptop that is portable so that you can easily transport from dorm to classroom and wherever you go.
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It is also important to take note of the RAM and hard disk. A 2 GB capacity for RAM is ideal for a laptop. With this size college students can achieve sufficient speed and performance. The hard disk capacity of 160 GB is ideal for any students because it has enough space to store information or their works throughout their stay in college.
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You also need to consider the primary function of the laptop you will purchase. If you are taking up a course that needs graphic designs then the laptop that you should purchase is one that has more RAM and an advanced graphical card. College students taking up business courses should choose a simple laptop that has a professional look in it so that is will be presentable in a boardroom or a business venture. If you love games then you should consider the best gaming laptop in the market while also not neglecting your college studies.

If you follow the guide above, you will not miss out on the best laptop to purchase for your college requirements. A good scrutiny of the physical features of the laptop will be necessary if you are to find the best laptop for your needs.